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Helping clients address their marketing and sale challenges with custom solutions

Our services include:

Business Strategy

In an era of disruption, strategy is more important than ever. We offer creative solutions that have help of companies develop and execute winning strategies. We’ve been a strategy thought leader for over thirty four years. 

We take you through the processes that will help you determine who you are, where you want to go, how you will get there, and how you will measure success.  Leaders make many decisions every day, but strategic planning decisions focus on where to allocate different resources (money, people, and time) to achieve your desired objectives.  We work with you and your team to figure out what those things are through market research, competitive analysis, and professional experience, crafting a tailor-made action plan which will maximize your company’s opportunities for growth. From our research, we can uncover insights that will help us craft a tailor-made action plan which will maximize your company’s opportunities for growth.  

 Business Strategy Process

                                     1.     Define Mission

                                                   a.      Mission

                                                   b.     Corporate Objectives

                                     2.     Situation Analysis

                                                    a.      Marketing Audit

                                                     b.     SWOT Analysis

                                                     c.      Assumptions

                                      3.     Strategy Formulation

                                                    a.      Function Objective and Strategy

                                                     b.     Identify Alternative Plans & Mixes

                                                     c.      Estimate Expected Results

                                     4.     Resource Allocation and Monitoring

                                                      a.      Budget Allocation

                                                      b.     Implementation Plan

Producing an effective business strategy is not a simple task. There is no standard “strategic planning template.”

And no two companies are alike. We work with you to develop a customized game plan for long term survival and growth based on the specific situation, opportunities, objectives, and your resources. We can formulate the right plan that can assist in adapting your company to take advantage of the opportunities available in the constantly changing market.

 Strategic Marketing Plan

Your Marketing Plan is your guide for directing and coordinating all of your marketing efforts – establishing and effective marketing mix and position strategy. With today’s uncertain economic cycles, there is a need to refresh your company’s strategic marketing plan. Your marketing plan should identify and prioritize market segments, and be designed to outsmart the competition.   

In today environment, the marketing plan requires the participation of an entire company; sales, marketing, technology, media etc. With our marketing experience and expertise we are able to provide in-depth knowledge of many different industries in many different markets.

Strategic Marketing Process

We develop a unique campaign to accomplish your company’s marketing strategy

                                                                                     1. Situation Analysis

                                                                                      2. Establish Objectives

                                                                                      3. Strategic Initiatives

                                                                                      4. Marketing Tactics

                                                                                      5. Implementation  Plan

                                                                                      6. Control

We use a top-down process of developing a strategic marketing plan; helping to insure that all tactical marketing strategies and tactics support the company’s goals and objectives. Our approach improves your efficiency in all areas, improves revenue, market share and minimizes expenses - resulting in higher profitability.

Market Research

Market Research provides relevant data to help solve your marketing challenges - target market, market segmentation, product differentiation competition, environment, etc. - and is an integral part of the business planning process.  The purpose of any market research is to gain an increased understanding of strategy or marketing issue. It helps prepare your company to be competitive in the marketplace

We do:

  • Primary Research - this is customized research that is specifically developed to gain knowledge on a specific marketing issue. Primary market research is original information that comes directly from the source.
  • Secondary Research – this is research that has already been done and is available. For example, studies by government agencies, trade associations, etc.

We help businesses make sense of the latest trends and statistics in any industry, in both global and local markets. We help you make more informed business decisions by:

                                                          1.   By providing an objective, birds eye view of the entire industry landscape

                                                           2.  By building solid business cases that are backed up by hard data

                                                           3.  By reducing business risk   

                                                           4.  By saving valuable time

 Competitive Intelligence / Industry Analysis

We help you understand the direct and indirect competition impact on your company to spot and exploit opportunities.  A competitive analysis provides advanced analysis, regarding your competitors or industry, enabling you to manage business risks that could inhibit your company’s growth and stability, making you more competitive.

 Completive analysis improves the effectiveness of your business.

  1. By monitoring your competitors’ and identifying neglected, poorly served, or emerging market segments, as well as  single-out points of entry and defense,
  2. By identifying your competitor’s weaknesses, and strengths; as well as how they deploy their resources to the market,
  3. By enabling you to gain a competitive advantage - knowing where and when to focus you strategy, tactics and resources to gain a completive advantage.
  4. By identifying your competitor’s weaknesses and strengths
  5. By aiding in the development of an accurate strategic business plan
  6. By enabling you to understand the forces at work in your industry. To identify the threats and opportunities facing your business and to focus your resources on developing unique capabilities that could lead to a competitive advantage.
  7. By providing an understanding of the three main elements: the underlying forces at work, the overall attractiveness of the industry, and the critical factors that determine company’s success within an industry.


Success is not an option, it is an absolute requirement

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Over 36 years experience providing strategy and marketing consulting to help companies grow and prosper.