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About the Wilson Marketing Group, Inc.


Our mission is simple - to help our clients grow and prosper.

The Wilson Marketing Group (WMG), Inc. specializes in business-to-business strategy, marketing and sales consulting focusing on manufacturing, technology and service companies. For over twenty nine years, we have assisted clients in improving their business performance - both the top and bottom lines.

We are a highly focused team of strategy and marketing specialists that create strategies and programs that are efficient and effective in generating immediate returns in both sales and profits. We know that at the end of the day, what you care about most, are effective solutions to the most vexing business problems facing you.

We approach each client’s challenge using a disciplined strategic analysis, marketing planning based on solid market research, with no-excuses, fast delivery of results.  Senior level consultants work with you to develop and implement the approach and solution best suited for your need.  We always encourage maximum involvement of our client’s staff to ensure effective knowledge transfer and solution ownership to achieve sustaining success.

Is your firm under pressure to reach aggressive goals? Are you wondering where growth will come from? Are you wondering where future profits will come from? All the brilliant thinking in the world won't solve anything unless you take action. Our approach is geared toward doing just that - taking action to achieve results. Turn to the Wilson Marketing Group for customer-driven, practical solutions to your critical business, market, or product growth challenges.


Contact us to learn how we can help you deliver extraordinary growth and profits for your company.

You can find us listed in Gale Research Inc.'s "Consultants & Consulting Organizations Directory" and Kennedy's "The Directory of Management Consultants". You can also find Ken Wilson listed in numerous search engines and directories throughout the internet.


Over 33 years’ experience providing strategy and marketing consulting to technology companies, manufacturers and business-to-business clients